The Dallas Architecture Forum provides a continuing and challenging public discourse on architecture and urban design in – and for – the Dallas area. The Forum offers presentations of architecture through public lectures by designers, critics, and historians; through topical discussions; and through occasional study tours to buildings and cities locally and throughout the world. The Dallas Architecture Forum serves as an inclusive arena where people interested in and concerned with the built environment, non-professionals and professionals alike, may interact intellectually and socially.

Our membership comes from business, development, public affairs, education, the arts and from the design fields.

This mix of interests and ties is one of the strengths we bring to our involvement with architecture. Support for the Forum's programs is a grassroots effort, coming from membership subscriptions at all levels and from the generous sponsorship of Forum seasons and events.



The Dallas Architecture Forum was founded in 1997 to promote ongoing public discourse and awareness of architecture and design for people in Dallas and the surrounding communities. As a not-for-profit 501(c) (3) corporation, it is supported entirely by the dues and volunteer efforts of its members and by the contributions of local individuals, companies and foundations.


Our organization draws people from a variety of professional interests, including the arts, development and business, public affairs and education, design, as well as people with no professional connection but with an abiding personal interest in architecture and design.

The Forum sponsors an annual lecture series that features nationally and internationally distinguished speakers from disciplines that include architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, and urban planning. Speakers have also included noted critics, writers, and historians. The Lecture Series grew over the Forum's first decade in both popularity and in the number of lectures offered. The Lecture Series entered its second decade as one of the leading lecture series in the country focused on architecture and related topics.

Because the organization seeks to promote an atmosphere where people can interact intellectually and socially, most Lectures and Panels are accompanied by receptions or informal opportunities where members can meet and socialize with our guest lecturers, Panel moderators,  and with each other.

The Forum also sponsors a series of Panel Discussions throughout the season that feature moderated roundtable discussions with local professionals to foster discourse about specific topics. In addition, the Forum offers or promotes occasional study tours to architecturally significant destinations, as well as Symposia and events at local private homes and commercial developments of architectural interest.



Steve Whitcraft

Ian Zapata

Terry Kafka

Wendy Konradi


Frank M. Aldridge, III

Kate Aoki, Design Society Chair

Tary Arterburn, Development Chair

Brad Bell, Lecture Programming Chair

Robbie Briggs

Claire Dewar

Meg Fitzpatrick, Panel Programming Chair

Eurico Francisco, Community Partnerships Chair

Duncan T. Fulton, III

Kathryn Greene

Faisal Halum

David Hocker

Mikhail Moya

Dan Noble

Sean O’Brien

Sharon Odum

John Sebastian

Ron Stelmarski

David Sutherland

Neal Thomas

Michael E. Tregoning

Ian Zapata


Richard Brettell

Kathryn Greene

Robert Meckfessel

Ron Wommack

Emily Summers

Cynthia Schwartz

Frank M. Aldridge, III

Jo Staffelbach Heinz

Ian Zapata



Naomi Aberly

Edward Baum

Mary Bloom

Karen Buchanan

Russell Buchanan

Mary McDermott Cook

Bess Enloe

Don Gatzke

Mark Gunderson

Jo Staffelbach Heinz

Susan Mead

Lucilo Peña

Bonnie Pitman

Charles Price

Caren Prothro

Howard Rachofsky

Deedie Rose

Cindy Schwartz

Emily Summers

Jeremy Strick

John Sughrue

Thomas Taylor

Gail Thomas

Sharon Young


Executive Director

Nate Eudaly



Since our inception, the Forum has sponsored over 200 lectures, tours and panel discussions for our members, their guests and the general public. Our Lecture Series has presented over 140 local, national and international speakers to discuss architecture and urban design. View our past Lecture Series speakers at the links below.


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